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Baobab Growth works with individuals, small business owners, and teams within larger organisations. Here is what they say about us……

Building positive environments by increasing self-awareness and confidence.

Eva, Graphic Designer

“I’ve contacted Donna after several months of feeling stuck with my career and creativity. Immediately after the first session I’ve experienced that I’m moving forward. From a person full of panic and doubts, week-by-week I’ve been transforming myself into a calm, more confident person which had a great effect on my working life and the quality of my design.

I have always looked forward to my sessions with Donna, she listened carefully and asked questions that motivated me to take actions. During those 6 weeks of coaching I have achieved more than I managed to do on my own in the whole last year. Donna’s assistance made me dig deeper and find the answers within myself, changed my perspective. I’ve connected more with my own heart and learned to differentiate what’s in my control, which brought a lot of peace and acceptance. I feel privileged to have a chance of working with Donna and I am grateful for her input in my life. Thank you.”

Eva came to coaching looking for a career change. She was not happy and believed it was time to start looking for a new opportunity.

Eva was feeling she wasn’t growing in her role and felt dissatisfied with her environment. She felt confused and under pressure to make a change and improve her current situation.

We worked with Eva to enable her to put her life into perspective. To take a step back. We supported Eva to develop her own methods of relaxing and gaining clarity. We worked with her to build on these tools and enable her to find ways to deal with difficult situations and focus on the positive aspects of her life.

Eva’s creativity shone through in the coaching sessions and she used this to help design ways unique to her to build her own resilience. By helping Eva increase self-awareness, her confidence grew and she was able to focus her energy in a positive and productive manner. This has inspired those around her and led to improved relationships at work, increased productivity and a renewed enthusiasm for her current role.

Inspiring Leadership and Refining Time Management at a London Borough Council

Anna Sadler, Community Development Manager

“My journey with Baobab Growth began not long after I started a new position at a London Borough Council managing a community development team. I had just taken a big step away from the charity sector in an attempt to find out what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be, and I was still lost.
Donna coached me to realise my true goal of setting up my own charity service for older people. This in itself was a revelation for me, and helped me to realise that I was working towards something, albeit with a 10 year timescale.

As the weeks have progressed Donna has patiently listened and coached me so that now my life is full with positive things which will all help me to move towards my goal; such as becoming a charity trustee, developing leadership skills and working through my own management challenges at work. Donna is a truly inspirational woman who will always pick you up and help you to get to the next hurdle, whatever that may be.”

Anna came to Baobab Growth soon after starting a new role. She was feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to manage a huge workload with effective teamwork. Anna was being challenged by the organisational culture, her team members and encumbering processes.

Anna was working incredibly hard, yet didn’t feel she and her team were achieving the results she believed they could. She questioned her own ability and leadership.

Baobab Growth worked with Anna to look at what she really wanted to achieve and set clear goals. Through a coaching approach we worked with Anna to build confidence, knowledge and experience. Building on her own values Anna increased her resilience and started to think differently. She committed to a programme of personal development which has led to improved planning techniques and time management.

With the support of Baobab Growth Anna has progressed her leadership skills, and in doing so has inspired her team and gained their trust and loyalty. Team performance has improved dramatically and Anna has now been given another team to manage and additional responsibilities. She is now seen as someone who can make things happen and deliver results.

Over many months we have worked with Anna to support her personal and professional growth. Anna continues to flourish and achieve outstanding results in both her work and personal life.

Transforming Teams and Gaining Insight at a Global Energy Company

Shally Bhalla, Credit Risk Manager – Global, London, Houston, Singapore

“I have worked with Donna both on achieving personal and work related Goals; Donna’s coaching style is both positive and professional. I can definitely vouch for the fact that I have been able to realise the smaller steps as I approach my bigger Goals with Donna’s help.”

The organisation is a multi-national global business. There are a number of different cultures and expectations. Shally was finding the environment chaotic and was being challenged by some of the cultural differences. She felt she was not getting the best out of her team and achieving the great results she felt were possible.

The initial engagement was to coach Shally to work with her team more effectively. Shally wanted the team to be more focussed and to achieve an improved, fun atmosphere with buy-in from all team members.

Baobab Growth worked with Shally to enable her to gain insights into her own values and the values of the company. Through coaching, Shally built her confidence, gained clarity and formed a strategy to improve team focus.

We have supported Shally on a courageous journey of self-discovery and personal development. Shally is now working more effectively with her team and achieving improved results for the business. She is also achieving outstanding results moving towards her own personal goals.

Overcoming limiting beliefs, unlocking potential and achieving goals

Kate McCosh, Business Owner, How About Now?

“Donna is an incredibly intuitive coach. From my use of certain phrases and terminology, she noticed that certain beliefs were firmly entrenched within me and were stopping me from moving forward. She brought them into the light with her use of questioning and made me realise that these issues, which I didn’t realise I had, were holding me back from my chosen path. Her careful questioning and natural curiosity about this situation heightened my awareness of it and made me realise how limiting my behaviour was.

She is very skilled at making me realise that there is more than one way to work towards my goals and that I can create my own opportunities. Following on from her coaching, with my new awareness of these aspects, I approached a person I was previously concerned about offending, and found that instead of offending them, they were fully supportive of my goals and even helped me to move closer to achieving them.

I am incredibly grateful for her support, the way she listened to me in a completely judgement free environment and above all her challenging my perception of events and beliefs in ways that have helped me deal with them and move forward with my life.

Kate had been wanting to set up her own business for a while. She had the necessary skills and qualifications, she had done the research and built her website. She didn’t seem to be able to make it a reality.

We worked with Kate to explore where she was and identify what had been stopping her move forward with her new venture. By challenging Kate and helping her to think more deeply she was able to identify what was stopping her. Once she became aware of her own limiting beliefs she was able to address them, unlock her potential and move forward.

In addition to the coaching we were able to support Kate with mentoring. This additional support and direction enabled Kate to move forward swiftly, building on her own actions from the coaching with supportive guidance.

Improving Motivation and Performance at Aleph Hospitality

Steve Pratt, Vice President Operations, Support and Training, Aleph Hospitality

“Donna has really helped me to break down my goal into smaller chunks and make what seemed a long way off now seem achievable. Having a regular coaching session has focused my mind on what I really want and given me clarity on how to get there. Her gentle and professional style has led me to some real insights which has benefitted both my work and personal life..

Aleph Hospitality is a pioneering third-party hotel management company, specialising in the operation of internationally recognised hotel brands across the Middle East and Africa.

Steve, VP Operations has to manage a varying work load, his challenge was to ensure consistent and effective levels of motivation and performance at all times. Steve felt he wasn’t always working as effectively as he could, and on occasions thought he was losing focus and not reaching his full potential. This led to a feeling of increased pressure and overwhelming workload.

Baobab Growth worked with Steve to analyse what was ‘getting in the way’ and stopping him being as effective as he could be. We looked at what motivated Steve, what was driving him to achieve as well as what ‘effective and efficient performance’ meant to him. We took time to understand what Steve really wanted and what an ideal work/life balance meant to him.

We enabled Steve to identify different methods of working which led to improved performance and a happier, more balance working environment.

Steve was then able to focus on bigger, longer term goals and through a step by step approach achieve successful results.

Boosting confidence and providing clarity for 4dynamix

Claire Biglands, Business Owner, 4dynamix

“Being a start-up business owner with so many goals, so many things to achieve and having to be the jack of all trades from accountant to sales and marketing expert, meant I was spending a lot of my days just riding the emotional rollercoaster and feeling as though I was fighting fires. Donna helped me hugely by building my confidence and belief in myself and has helped me really focus on where I want to be in 12 months’ time and beyond. She’s allowed me to explore what motivated me to start my own business and make it a success. By being really specific in how I can achieve my goals and bringing me right back to the start by breaking my goals down into really manageable and motivating first steps has meant I have grown my client base and I’m being far more productive with my time. I realised that the reason why I hadn’t been achieving my business goals was because they were too big and so I couldn’t see where to begin with them. The coaching process has given me skills in how to set goals and actually achieve them which I will carry with me for life, both in my career and personal life. Donna gave me the boost and motivation I needed so much to keep me going through the first tough few weeks and months of a new business. Having someone ask you questions seems such a simple concept, but her skilled questioning really helped me step back and look at things from angles I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. Most importantly, this was in a completely none judgemental environment. So, thank you Donna! You have really helped to move 4dynamix to being a real success!”

4dynamix is a small business offering business training and development. The owners have a wealth of experience in their field and area of expertise. Running their own business was new to them. Having previously been employed by large organisations, they were floundering with all of the aspects of the business they needed to address. They were feeling over whelmed, lost, and were distracting their attention away from the real needs of the business.

We worked with Claire one of the business owners to provide clarity and purpose. We took her back to basics – why had she started her own business? What did she want to achieve? We helped her gain a clearer understanding of what drives her, focusing on her values and beliefs – what would make her go that extra mile? Claire went on a journey of self- discovery, which has helped her understand what her needs are, her strengths and what she needs to be aware of. This has helped to build Claire’s resilience and allowed her gain clarity on how to grow the business.

Once Claire had a better understanding of herself she was able to work with her business partner to develop a clear strategy and business plan that focusses on each of their strengths and motivation. This in turn has led the business to move forward, gain more clients and become a success. Success for Claire is understanding why she is doing what she is doing, working to her strengths and measuring her achievements, as well as celebrating the successes!

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