1. Change your environment

Make a Commitment to getting out of your usual surrounding. If you work in an office or at home, make a conscious effort to make a change. Preferably get outside. Go for a walk, go for a run, cycle or swim at lunch time – before or after work. Maybe exercise isn’t your thing, then commit to taking a stroll up the high-street every lunchtime, to the park, around the block. Give yourself a dedicated time for you every day. Even if it is 15 minutes in a quiet corner of your local coffee shop. You need a special time for you to take time to help you keep your feet on the ground, to make you stop, take time to reflect, to think and take a deep breath before starting once again on your journey. If you can include some physical activity in this dedicated time, then great you will be helping your heart as well as your mind and overall wellbeing.

  1. Do Something New or Different – keep learning

Our brains are naturally drawn to new and exciting things – this doesn’t mean you need to take up skydiving or white-water kayaking – although I’m sure you would have lots of fun and a sense of achievement if you did! What I mean is that we can easily get stuck in a rut doing the same old thing in the same old way. Look at ways to do things differently, for example if you usually walk to work, or the station with your headphones in looking at the ground. Instead, don’t put your headphones in – listen to the birds as you walk, look up – see how many chimneys or TV aerials you can see, enjoy watching the leaves on the trees – maybe this seems a strange thing to suggest, but just the change in looking up instead of down, listening and taking in things around us will change how we see things and how we feel. If you usually drive to work, then maybe think about walking or cycling or taking the bus/train – smile at people you pass – even say hello. Be more aware of your surroundings and how you interact.

Maybe 2018 is the time to take up a new hobby, sport or interest, maybe this year is the time to do that one thing you have always wanted to – what is stopping you? How can you overcome these barriers and make it happen? If you really want to do it and need support, then maybe this is the year to invest in you and engage a Life coach. Baobab Growth can help with this find out more at http://baobabgrowth.co.uk/individuals/

Whatever you choose to do it is important to keep things fresh and exciting. I believe one of the keys to staying young is to keep learning! Not only does continued learning increase our skills and knowledge, it also increases our confidence and self-esteem, enabling us to help others and make a positive contribution to the world.

  1. Make sure you have the right influences around you.

You need the right support around you to make sure you keep focussed and moving towards your goals and desired results. We are all busy, our lives are fast and ever changing, there are many distractions to divert us away from our path; to get in the way and stop us achieving our chosen outcome. We get tired, we get despondent, life is hard, it is therefore critical we have the right people around us. People who will keep us motivated, people who will inspire, people who will listen, but not judge. You can read more about the importance of having the right influence in my previous blog – You are the 5 people closest to you! http://baobabgrowth.co.uk/blog-articles/5-people-closest/

  1. Eat the frog

In the words of the great Brian Tracy – EAT THAT FROG! What this means is stop procrastinating and just get on and do it! In my opinion, procrastination doesn’t just lead to not getting things done, it can lead to anxiety and depression. Imagine there are many things that you should be doing, but you don’t want to do. You then worry because you aren’t doing them, people start asking when and then why you aren’t doing them. You worry more, you don’t want to do them; can’t do them, you worry more, you think about it all the time. People then start getting cross because you haven’t done them, there may be consequences. It all becomes a big issue. You can see how procrastination could lead to a far worse situation, and cause potential anxiety and depression. What Brian Tracy says in his book https://www.briantracy.com/blog/time-management/the-truth-about-frogs/  is that we will never have time to do everything, so we need to prioritise and do the most important, impactful things first – which means eating the biggest ugliest frog first! Do that one task we have been putting off and making excuses about – just imagine how good you will feel when you have done it!

  1. Write it down

This seems like such a small, and insignificant action – but it isn’t! The very fact you have committed your thoughts, plans, intentions, actions, in writing means they are far more likely to happen! A lot of people love to talk about things, they also like to give lots of reasons why they can’t do things, make excuses and give reasons for not doing things, many of which may be valid. However, if you are going to do something, make a change, improvement, help someone or stop doing something you need to take action – it won’t change itself. So, commit to it and write it down. This can be on paper, your phone, your iPad, computer – whatever works for you. Then use this to help you achieve the result. Put the paper on the wall, on your mirror, set it as a reminder on your phone, a screen saver on the computer. Use it to remind you and help you make the change and achieve the outcome you want.

At Baobab Growth we believe you have all the resources within to achieve what ever you want. You just need to keep focused and keep on track! For more information about how we can help you keep on track email us at info@baobabgrowth.co.uk